As part of his trends for 2010 show, Dr. Phil examined one woman’s addiction to the Facebook application, FarmVille, calling it a “a ridiculous computer game.”

Dr. Phillip McGraw is a popular American talk show host known for dealing with people’s relationship or personality problems. He’s also pompous as hell. In a recent show, he tackled a terrible affliction currently gripping the nation in its hay-covered grasp, the Facebook application FarmVille. Dr. Phil asked his guest, a mother named Teresa, the hard-hitting questions on her battle with growing crops and raising chickens.

“Are you worried about your crops as you sit here?” he said.

“Before I came here, I made sure that none of the crops were going to die,” Teresa replied.

“There aren’t really any crops,” Dr. Phil informed her. “That’s just a little image on a screen. They’re not going to die.”

Thanks for pointing that out, Doc. Now you’re going to tell me that those people on the picture box telling me to kill my family aren’t real either. Sheesh! And they call you doctor.

In all honesty, Teresa has resorted to some tricky business to get her daughter off the computer. “She unplugged the router, so you would think the Internet had gone down, and as soon as you went away, she plugged it back in and went back to tending her crops,” Dr. Phil told the daughter, Jennifer.

I’m sorry, Doc, but nobody likes a tattle-tale. Are you going to tell Jennifer’s mom that she smoked a cigarette that one time on a dare or that she went to second base with Ricky behind the bleachers on Friday night? I didn’t think so.

Dr. Phil did say one thing I agree with:

You have a ridiculous addiction to a ridiculous computer game that’s interfering with your ability to be a mother. Close your accounts. Get out of FarmVille. Reintroduce yourself to your family. Cook a meal. Go on a date. Go to a movie. Go jog. Go sit out in the backyard and watch the grass grow. Do something. Actually, maybe start a garden for real.

You’ll notice that none of that advice includes watching Dr. Phil’s show.

Source: Dr. Phil

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