Dragon Age: Inquisition Box Art Revealed

Dragon Age: Inquisition box art

And lo, the Inquisitor raised his arm to the Heavens as he spoke unto his massed followers, “Hey, check out this swanky cover art!”

It may not seem terribly relevant to digital devotees but for box enthusiasts like myself, a game’s cover art is an essential part of the whole package. Good cover art will draw your eye and generate interest and intrigue; bad cover art can make your game look stupid while it’s still sitting on the shelf.

And what do we think of the Dragon Age: Inquisition box art? It’s pretty enough and clever in a way, but kind of boring too, isn’t it? That’s entirely my humble opinion, obviously, but there’s nothing about the “bad guy makes lone stand against the massed forces of evil” motif that really floats my boat. Feel free to point out that I didn’t care for Dragon Age: Origins and thus may well be biased against the whole thing, but even discounting that, as much as a biased observer is able to do so, it really doesn’t ring my bell.

Here, take a closer look:

But enough about me – what do you think? Is this a quality cover that charges you up for more Dragon Age, or is the whole concept of box art just a silly anachronism?

Dragon Age: Inquisition is being developed for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC, and is expected to come out this fall.

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