Draugen Rises From the Depths: First-Person Norwegian Horror

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Draugen is quickly shaping up to be a terrifying cocktail of fear, freaks, and fjords.

There’s something profoundly scary about the unknowable depths of the ocean. There’s also something pretty scary about dead people trying to kill you. If you find either of those ideas disturbing, then congratulations: you’re the target audience for Draugen, an upcoming horror title from Red Thread Games. The Scandinavian folklore-inspired game just got a suitably creepy teaser trailer, which is good; you may not have time to appreciate the beautiful scenery when you’re playing the full game and running for your life.

Draugen takes place on the coast of Norway, sometime in the 1920s. Players take on the role of an American scientist exploring a remote fishing village where everyone has mysteriously disappeared – what’s the worst that could happen? It’s a nice enough town, aside from the woman in black who likes to move in the shadows, and the creepy little girl singing lullabies to nobody, and the drowned zombies that will inevitably show up in a game called Draugen.

“It’s HP Lovecraft meets Dostoyevsky,” says Red Thread boss Ragnar Tørnquist. “Or Gone Home meets Amnesia.” Those are some big names to drop, and if Draugen lives up to even one or two of those comparisons… well, maybe wear your brown pants to play this one.

Draugen was made possible thanks to a grant from the Norwegian Film Institute last year, and will visit Kickstarter for a final round of production before launching in 2015. The plan is to release for PC, Mac, Linux, and next-gen consoles, with support for VR options like the Oculus Rift.

Source: Red Thread Games, via Eurogamer

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