Normally I wouldn’t bother you with a story about an Irish online trucking RPG, but there’s an eight-foot-tall giant robot with the initials O.P. involved in this one and I really think you should hear me out.

Trukz, “the web’s leading online trucking game” – stick with me here, people – is giving away what could possibly be the coolest contest prize of all time: An eight-foot model of Optimus Prime built from scrap metal. And we’re not talking about some crappy, abstract “artist’s impression” of Optimus Prime, either; this thing looks enough like the real deal to make Megatron slap you silly for just looking at it.

There’s a catch, of course: You have to register with Trukz and log 10,000 in-game miles by the end of November to qualify for the draw. Trukz is a “free, persistent browser-based trucking simulation game designed to let you try your hand at being a truck driver hauling loads to and from various cities around North America and Europe.” The game features 35 different types of cargo which need to be delivered on time, earning you money to keep your rig running in top shape. Travel dozens of routes across North America and Europe while avoiding speed traps and accidents, keep your driving logs clean and go to work for one of hundreds of companies that will give you additional cargo, discounts on fuel and repairs, and exclusive routes.

I know, I know. Even the best trucking sim in the world isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. But it’s an eight-foot-tall Optimus Prime model that weighs 550 pounds! (By the way, it weighs 550 pounds. Don’t put it someplace where it could fall over and, you know, kill somebody.) If you don’t think this is the coolest contest prize you’ve seen all day – possibly all week – then truly, I weep for you.

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