Duke Nukem Fan Movie Features Disaster and Sexy Dancing


Alien invaders spilled Duke’s beer, so naturally, they all have to die.

A group of Finnish Duke Nukem fans have finally completed a short, and not entirely safe for work, tribute to the man himself, titled The Duke: Fate of Humanity. Filmed in a single day by the New Dawn production company, the three minute film captures the essence of the character almost perfectly.

The short begins with a short news broadcast, which reports that objects resembling meteorites have been sighted all over the world. Not everyone believes that the objects are simple space rocks however, and are preparing for something all together worse.

With that brief bit of exposition out of the way, the film immediately cuts to what Duke is doing while all this is going on: whiling away a few hours at a strip club. Then there’s a fairly long section of a good looking lady dancing in her underwear, which is only interrupted when the room starts to shake, presumably when the “meteorites” start hitting the ground nearby. Duke calmly sits through the whole thing, only getting up when the seismic activity knocks over his beer. He picks up his gun, which is inexplicably on the table in front of him, and goes to “deal” with the situation.

The short attracted the attention of George Brousard, the creator of Duke Nukem, and Mikey Neumann, creative director at Gearbox, who were both impressed with the films quality. New Dawn says that it wants to make a longer film starring Duke, but says that finding the resources to do it properly presented a problem.

Source: RipTen via Destructoid

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