An enterprising dungeon master has built a custom designed DM screen out of plywood.

When I step into my dungeon master shoes and lead a session of tabletop role-playing, one of the biggest challenges for me is keeping everything sufficiently organized and hidden from my players. As the game gets going, it’s often only a matter of minutes before my neatly labeled stack of papers and books transforms into a discombobulated jumble of loose pages. If only there was some fancy DM screen I could use to improve my game. Maybe something wooden, custom made and equipped with dual dice towers.

Enter Redditor Earl Duque.

A dungeon master, Duque recently posted a gallery to his Flicker page showcasing the construction of a self-designed DM screen. Made almost entirely “out of a single piece of plywood,” the screen includes space to hang up game documents, hinges to fold it shut and, perhaps best of all, homemade dice towers for both the players and the DM. As a finishing touch, he also burned the new D&D logo into it for decoration and stained the wood to give the whole thing a deeper, richer color.

All in all, it’s an impressive piece of tabletop ingenuity that certainly beats the living heck out of the piddly cardboard ones I usually wind up using. Take a look at it yourself and let us know what you think. Would you like one of these for your sessions as a dungeon master? What tools do you use to keep your DMing organized?

Source: Reddit

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