An acclaimed board game designer brings his “D&D meets Chess” title to PlayStation.

French Designer Chris Boelinger has been creating board games for nearly 15 years, but this July will be making the leap to videogames with a console version of Dungeon Twister. Developed by Hydravision, the electronic version will be a PlayStation Network exclusive that converts all the original game mechanics while implementing online play and PlayStation Eye support.

Dungeon Twister is a turn-based strategy game for two players that Boelinger describes as “a mix between chess and Dungeons & Dragons“. Each player controls eight characters teleported against their will into the dungeons of an immortal and incredibly bored Arch-Mage. Players compete against each other to earn five victory points, which the Arch-Mage awards every time a character either escapes his dungeon or manages to kill an enemy, encouraging different play styles to achieve success.

The game space itself is a mechanized labyrinth comprised of eight randomly-selected rooms, each with their own traps, walls, and sealed gates. Machinery running behind the scenes allows players to rotate rooms to create new paths or block their opponent from other objectives. Characters can also use special abilities to assist the team. The Wall Walker class can pass through walls for example, while the Thief class can unlock gates and navigate around pits.

The premise has potential, and fans of the board game should have no difficulty transitioning to the electronic format. If the PSN version does well, Boelinger believes that the board game expansions, which include new characters classes, items, and increase the number of players to four, can be added in the future.

Dungeon Twister is priced at $9.99 and arrives on the PlayStation Network this Tuesday, July 3rd.

Source: PlayStation Blog via Joystiq

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