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The Dungeons & Dragons revival continues, with a new video game in the sprawling universe confirmed to be in active production. This Dungeons & Dragons game is described as a “AAA, third-person, open-world fantasy RPG” with development being handled by Hidden Path Entertainment.

The reveal of a AAA Dungeons & Dragons RPG came via a series of new job postings from the developer. Unfortunately, the listings provide precious few details about the project, other than that it will likely be built using Unreal Engine, may be planned for a console release, and will possibly feature a sizeable central cast. Nevertheless, the description suggests that the game might play something like Dragon Age or The Elder Scrolls.

Hidden Path’s prior claims to fame are its work as a co-developer with Valve on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and handling the remaster of Age of Empires II for Microsoft. However, the team has produced a series of VR games in recent times, including Witchblood, Raccoon Lagoon, and Brass Tactics.

This game is the third from the Dungeons & Dragons universe to be announced, following on from Baldur’s Gate III, which is currently in early access, and Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, an ARPG that was announced at The Game Awards 2019 and slated for launch at some point later this year. There’s also a movie in the works where Chris Pine will apparently face off against Hugh Grant.


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