Dwayne Johnson Talks Potential DC Film Roles

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Dwayne Johnson wants to play a DC character “on a Superman level” so he can “throw down” with the iconic hero.

Dwayne Johnson wants to do a superhero movie. Of course, in this day and age that’s nothing special. What with flicks focused on capes and tights pretty much stomping on the box office at every turn, every actor and their uncle is vying for a title role that will land them in skintight spandex.

In the case of Johnson however, things are made a tad more interesting by recent rumors that the actor might be in line to be the man behind the Green Lantern’s mask. While Johnson would go on to deny to these rumors, he affirmed in a recent interview that discussions with DC may yet land him in a costume and cape.

“So there’s been mutual interest with us for years, and we’ve been having ongoing discussions, myself and DC, for years about the right character,” said Johson. While he refused to name any of the characters up for consideration, Johnson would go on to outline some of the criteria candidates would need to meet his muster. According to Johnson, the character would need to be “extremely complex,” have never had another live-action rendition and be a “badass motherfucker” with powers “on a Superman level” to ensure that “[we] could throw down.”

Unfortunately, given the scope of the DC Universe, Johnson’s criteria doesn’t necessarily narrow things down all that much. That said, who do you think he should play? When you look at him, which superhero (or villain) do you see? Just personally, I think he’d make a nifty Vandal Savage, especially if they used the medieval fantasy Demon Knights version. Of course, that would probably require a Demon Knights movie and that won’t be happening on account of it being too potentially awesome.

Source: Collider

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