Dying Light Does “Silent Night” A Little Too Loudly


Dying Light’s rendition of the classic Christmas carol “Silent Night” may be the year’s most wonderfully awful holiday video.

This “Dying Light Carol” actually hit the tubes a few days ago but I only stumbled across it just now (thanks, Polygon!) and it’s too darn cool to ignore. And by “cool,” of course I mean, “twisted,” “hideous,” and “I don’t think that’s Santa Claus at the door!”

Under normal circumstances this would be horrible beyond description, but we’re talking about a zombie videogame here and so you have to allow a certain latitude. Zombies are terrible but they’re also cool, after all, and I think it’s far to say too that the onslaught of zombies in popular media over the past few years has inured us to them to a certain extent, and so it takes more extreme applications of the undead than it used to in order to elicit an appropriate reaction from the audience – like turning them loose on a terrified, helpless little girl on Christmas Eve, for instance.

It’s interesting to note that Dying Light is being developed by Techland, the same studio that gave us Dead Island and thus this famous little bit of zombie cinema. At least this time around, the little girl isn’t the first one to go.

Dying Light is slated to come out in 2014.

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