E3 2010: PlayStation Move Out on September 19th, Under $99


At its E3 2010 press conference, Sony announced that its PlayStation Move motion controller would be coming out on September 19th, and it would be under a hundred smackers.

Sony confirmed that its motion controller Move would be beating competitor Microsoft’s Kinect to market: It’ll be out on the 19th of September.

It’s also cheaper than the rumored $149 price tag on Kinect: If you already have a PS3 and the PlayStation Eye, Move will cost you $49. If you don’t have the Eye, there will be an Eye + Move bundle (including a game) for $99. And if you own none of the above, you’ve got another bundle: A PS3, PS Move, a PS Eye, and a game for $399.

Of course, given that the “nunchuck” apparently costs $30 as well, it might not be cheaper than Kinect if you want to play with multiple people.

Still, not bad to start off with.

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