E3: Best Twitter Coverage From Thursday


So this past week Steve Butts, Susan Arendt, Mike Kayatta and Sarah LeBoeuf have been doing their darndest to make sure that you good people would have up to the minute commentary from E3 with their Tweets. You probably saw it on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so we bring you the final day of Tweets from E3.

We suggest that you check out all of our coverage but if you like your information in 140 characters or less you have come to the right place so sit back and enjoy!

I am looking for games to add to the ‪#tablefort‬ list. Will I find a gem today? Maybe. – Susan Arendt

Yesterday was more table fort than table flip. What will today be like? Stay Tuned. – Sarah LeBoeuf

Quantum Conundrum feels a lot like Portal Lite. And I’m totally okay with that. – Mike Kayatta

Pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Defiance. It wasn’t on my radar, but now it is. – Sarah LeBoeuf

Deadlight is soooooo #tablefort – Susan Arendt

The Nintendo Land games are actually pretty fun! You’ll never sit around and play them alone, but they’re great for parties and gatherings. – Sarah LeBoeuf

So, Cocked Hammers is Call of Duty: Arrested Development? Get Ron Howard to narrate and I’m there. – Mike Kayatta

Can’t get over Nintendo not announcing Fire Emblem and then casually mentioning it last night. Are they trolling us? – Sarah LeBoeuf

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