EA and Starz Media Collaborate on Dead Space Film

This article is over 16 years old and may contain outdated information

Electronics Arts and Starz Media are collaborating to produce an animated movie tied to the science-fiction horror title Dead Space.

The movie project will serve as a prequel to the game and will begin where the first comic book series left off. It centers on events aboard a mining spaceship which has hauled in some dangerous loot that triggers an alien invasion. The ship crew struggle to survive the onslaught.

This is one of three collaborations between EA and Starz Media. The Dead Space film will be released on broadcast TV and later on DVD.

Starz’s animation unit, Film Roman, said the richness of video games allowed for media convergence.

“Due to the richness and complexity of stories that have evolved for video games, they have become a type of entertainment that can span generations and provide fantastic inspiration for other forms of media; especially in the realm of animated features,” Film Roman President and COO Scott Greenberg said. “We’re particularly thrilled to be starting off with Dead Space.”

The game is not yet rated.

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