Three solid EA titles land on, and they’re all DRM-free.

If you’re one of those folks that doesn’t want anything to do with EA’s Origin service, you’ll be glad to hear that three more EA titles have made their way to’s DRM-free store. Even better, all three of them are on sale. The three games are:

  • Mirror’s Edge: EA’s first-person runner that tasks you with surviving as a courier in a repressive corporate dystopia.
  • The Saboteur: Pandemic Studios’ open-world World War II adventure that starts out black and white and turns to color as you liberate Paris.
  • Spore: The Maxis-developed strategy game that lets you design just about any creature you want, and then evolve it and take it into space.

All three of the games are on sale, with Mirror’s Edge and The Saboteur priced at $9.99 right now, and Spore at $11.99. That pricing will only run for a week, so grab them soon if you want to save.

You can find all three at

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