EA Says Penises Are Fine, But No Boobs, Please


EA doesn’t seem to mind the giant penis monsters, but a purple boob beast has apparently gone beyond the borders of good taste.

PC Gamer Editor-in-Chief Kristen Salvatore received a harsh reminder of what it’s like to be a woman in a male dominated field when her “Boobalicious” Spore creature was flagged by EA for violating its terms of service.

Following the creation of a hideously deformed giant penis monster by Tim Edwards of PC Gamer U.K., which he claimed in a CVG post as the world’s first Spore penis, Salvatore decided there could be only one appropriate response: To create a more femininely-endowed beast of her own, the not-quite-creatively name Boobalicious.

Unfortunately for her, the four-legged funbagger stood out from the multi-thousand-strong phallic phalanx, earning the attention of EA’s customer relations department, which sent her the following email:

Your Electronic Arts account has been flagged for violating the Electronic Arts Inc Terms of Service. We believe that the violation or behavior is serious enough to bring to your attention as it may impact your future access to the service.

Violation: Inappropriate Content -Creature
Violation Type: Nudity
Asset Name:Boobalicious

Understanding the EA Terms of Service is extremely important, should you have any general questions or concerns please review the Terms of Service. Should you then need additional assistance, or wish to appeal a violation, you can contact us.

Customer Support
Electronic Arts, Inc. Customer Relations

GamesRadar says Salvatore, who is currently in Los Angeles for a pre-E3 event, has emailed EA about the Boobalicious brouhaha and is still awaiting a reply.

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