EA To Release Two Spore Expansion Packs


Spore addicts will soon have more crazy parts to pimp out their creature creations with, but that’s not all.

Out of the box, Will Wright’s expansive evolutionary PC gaming experiment features options aplenty to create some truly bizarre, cute, and even downright risqué, creatures to populate your universe with. Those who’ve grown tired of their current beasts will have new opportunities for fun and depravity next month, when EA ships the Spore Creepy and Cute Parts Pack on Nov. 18 at an eyebrow raising price of $19.95.

Whether you prefer fanged, monstrous tentacle beasts or cuddly little furballs, the expansion will add 60 new parts, 48 new paint stiles, and 24 new animations. The parts pack will work with both Spore and the Spore Creature Creator.

Additionally, Joystiq reports EA is also working on a second new expansion for the already massive final space level of the game. The second expansion will reportedly allow your creatures to beam down to planetary surfaces to explore and engage in challenge missions for rewards. You’ll also be able to make your own custom missions to share online. The yet-to-be-named space expansion won’t be available until spring 2009.

Paying more than a third of the game’s purchase price just for a bunch of new parts may not rouse some players to dig out their wallets, but the forthcoming space expansion sounds like it has promise.

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