Earn the ‘My Rules’ Achievement in Halo 5 With This Easy Method

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For all the Halo fans hungry to earn every achievement in Guardians, we’ve found a way to unlock one of the trickiest challenges solo. Check out the strategy below and see how simple it is to get the ‘My Rules’ achievement — if you know the right trick.

Like any bonus achievement, we recommend completing the campaign before attempting it. Halo 5 features thirteen hidden skulls that, when activated, change missions in unique and challenging ways. Not every skull makes life harder, and not every mission is particularly tough. There are two missions that are shockingly easy to complete no matter what skulls you equip. Get all the details in the complete guide below.

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My Rules Achievement Guide

To unlock “My Rules” you’ll need to complete any mission on Heroic difficulty with at least three (3) Skulls activated. Before getting into methods, let’s cover the location for three easy skulls.

Easy “My Rules” Strategy

This achievement can be unlocked Solo or Co-op.

  • 1. Select Mission 04 or Mission 09
  • 2. Set Difficulty to Heroic
  • 3. Activate 3 Skulls; IWHBYD / Blind / Grunt Birthday Party
  • 4. Start the mission. Mission 04 / 09 are non-combat missions.
  • 5. Talk to your objectives and finish the mission to easily earn this achievement.

Three Skull Locations

Before starting a mission you’ll need at least three (3) skulls. To find them all, check out the complete Skulls locations guide.

  • Skull #1 – IWHBYD: (Mission 01: Osiris) Following a second battle with Prometheans, you’ll head toward a large door leading into a structure. Before going inside, look left of the door for a high ledge. Jump up and move along the cliff to spot a skull precariously placed near the drop.
  • Skull #2 – Blind: (Mission 05: Unconfirmed) After dealing with snipers up the hill, you’ll enter a large door inside the mine with a forklift. Jump onto the platform next to the forklift and use the boxes to reach the pipes above. When you’re on the pipes, go right and enter a short cave / vent where the skull is easily visible.
  • Skull #3 – Grunt Birthday Party: (Mission 07: Reunion) Early in the mission, you’ll enter an area with a crashed Phantom surrounded by Covenant enemies. Clear the soldiers and then climb on the cliffside to the right of the combat area. Look behind the Phantom to spot a tunnel — jump to it. At the end of the path you’ll find a Grunt talking to a skull. Melee him and the skull will spawn where he was sitting.

Achievement Unlocked

  • My Rules (20 points):
    Complete any Mission with 3+ Skulls active on Heroic difficulty.

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