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How to Farm XP and Level Up Fast in Fallout 4

Want to unlock every Fallout 4 perk super fast? Try out these insane exploits and strategies that will help you earn enough XP to reach Level 50 in no time. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on the best ways to farm XP in Fallout 4.

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Best Ways to Farm XP in Fallout 4

There are many ways to farm XP in Fallout 4. The Picket Fence magazine exploit is by far the most popular one, but you’d be surprised by how much XP you can acquire with all the other methods we listed below.

Method 1: Crafting Statues with the Picket Fences Magazine

The Picket Fences Magazine trick is probably the fastest way to level up in Fallout 4. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get the Picket Fences Magazine Issue #3: This magazine unlocks the Statue item. You can craft it at settlement workshops. The magazine is in Saugus Ironworks, the headquarters of the Forged located in the northeastern section of the Commonwealth. You’ll need to clear the area for the “Out of the Fire” quest, given by Preston Garvey.
  2. Gather Copper: Purchase “Shipment of Copper” from vendors like the Gun Store in Diamond City. Use a duplication glitch to multiply your copper supply.
  3. Craft Statues: Go to a large settlement and continuously build statues. Each statue gives 32 XP at 10 Intelligence. Hit the size limit, then build and scrap statues to keep gaining XP rapidly.

Method 2: Completing Side Quests and Main Quests

Completing quests for XP in Fallout 4
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Quests are a reliable source of XP. Focus on:

  1. Main Story Quests: Progress through the main story to earn significant XP.
  2. Side Quests: Complete side quests from companions and settlements for additional XP.
  3. Radiant Quests: These repeatable quests offer continuous XP rewards.

Method 3: Building and Upgrading Settlements

You can use settlements to farm XP. It’s not my go-to method, but it does provide a decent amount of Experience Points and works pretty well when you don’t have quests to finish or statues to build:

  1. Building Structures: Gain XP by constructing buildings, defenses, and other structures.
  2. Upgrading: Upgrade existing structures for additional XP.
  3. Crafting Stations: Use crafting stations to create items, which also grants XP.

Method 4: Combat and Clearing Locations

Combat provides experience in Fallout 4
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Combat is not the best way to farm XP quickly, but at least it is a consistent way to do so:

  1. Clearing Locations: Clear out enemy locations for exploration and combat XP.
  2. High-Value Targets: Hunt down legendary enemies for bonus XP.
  3. Sneak Attacks: Use sneak attacks for extra XP from kills.

Method 5: Crafting and Using Chems

Crafting can be a good way to gain experience, hence the Picket Fences magazine exploit, but it there’s a lot of XP to be gathered from crafting and using chems, too. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Crafting Chems: Create chems at chemistry stations to earn some XP.
  2. Using Chems: Use chems like Mentats and Barry Mentats to increase your Intelligence by 2 or 5 points, which increases your XP gains. You can combine this with the other methods mentioned above.

With those five methods for farming XP, you’ll reach the level you want in no time! For even more useful tips and tricks, check out the Fallout 4 Survival Guide and master the wasteland.

Fallout 4 is available now.

The above article was updated on 5/22/2024 by Davi Braid to add additional methods of earning XP.

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