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Want to unlock every Fallout 4 perk super fast? Try out this insane exploit that’ll earn enough XP to reach Level 50 in only half an hour. Keep farming for even more fast levels. See how this is done with our step-by-step instructions.

With so many perks to choose from, it’s hard to decide what to unlock first in Fallout 4. If you don’t own a PC, don’t want to mess with console commands, or just want fast XP, this exploit might just work for you. It isn’t the type of thing you can do right when the game starts — you’ll need enough caps to buy lots of copper, a safe path to Diamond City, and a particular magazine located in the northeast corner of the Commonwealth. This is a great way to get a new character leveled up very quickly if you’re going through a second or third playthrough. It works with high level characters too — just remember to max out your Intelligence stat for the highest experience payout.

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Get Level 50 in 30 Minutes – XP Exploit Guide

It’s very likely this method will be patched out soon. To use this exploit, don’t update your game or remove all future patches.

To earn a truly insane amount of XP, you’ll need a huge supply of copper and one particular ‘Picket Fences’ magazine. Why? Because we’re going to be crafting statues for XP.

If you need help finding the ‘Picket Fences’ magazine or need an unlimited supply of copper, check out the additional guides below.

  • 1. Get the ‘Picket Fences’ magazine to unlock the ‘Statue’ — an item you can craft at settlement workshops.
  • 2. Once you’ve collected the magazines and have 25,000~ copper, you can begin making XP. Reference the instructions below for more help.
  • 3. Each ‘Statue’ gives 32 XP at 10 Intelligence. Go to Decorations > Statues and select the first option. It costs 10 copper to build.
  • 4. Go to a large settlement and continuously build statues until you hit the size limit.
  • 5. Once you hit the limit, continue to build statues by building and scrapping constantly. Spam the two buttons and your XP counter will skyrocket.

How to Get Unlimited Copper

Crafting statues requires copper. Here is how you can get plenty of the material for crafting.

  • 1. Go to the Gun Store in Diamond City and purchase some ‘Shipment of Copper’ from the vendor. Wait 48 hours and the vendor will restock.
  • 2. Return to a settlement Workshop and remove everything from the Junk tab until you only have ‘Shipment of Copper’ in your character’s Junk inventory. The Workshop needs to be completely empty.
  • 3. Press the key to ‘Store All’ and the key to ‘Take All’ almost at the same time to duplicate the item.
  • 4. This is easiest when the Workshop and My Junk is empty, except for the ‘Shipment of Copper’ — this can be done many times to multiply your stack.
  • 5. Don’t press both keys at the same time. Instead, they need to be pressed almost at the same time. Press ‘Store All’ and then ‘Take All’ right after.

Keep going until you have tens of thousands of copper in your workshop. You’ll need it to build all those statues.

Where to Find the Statue ‘Picket Fences’ Magazine

Statues are a special decoration category that are only unlocked after collecting a specific ‘Picket Fences’ magazine.

The magazine is located in Saugus Ironworks. This area is the Forged’s headquarters, located in the northeastern section of the Commonwealth. You’ll need to clear the area for the ‘Out of the Fire’ quest, given by Preston Garvey for the Minutemen quest-line.

Finch Farm sends the Sole Survivor to Saugus Ironworks to recover an old family sword. To get it, you’ll need to defeat the Forged’s leader Slag.

In Slag’s boss arena, you can find the ‘Picket Fences’ magazine along with an Explosives bobblehead.

The magazine is located on the steel catwalk beneath the loot trunk with the bobblehead.

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