EBGames Joins Fight for Aussie R18+ Rating


Australia’s largest specialty videogame retailer has thrown its hat into the ring, backing the fight for an official R18+ rating in the country.

Our poor friends Down Under who have been fighting against the nefarious Michael Atkinson Galactic Empire in the hopes of getting a “Mature” rating for videogames may now have a new, powerful ally. EBGames, the country’s largest videogame retailer, has joined the battle in pushing for an R18+ rating.

EBGames will be displaying signs (as seen on Kotaku) at all 350+ of its Australian installations, urging the country to “grow up.” The retailer will also be supporting the cause on its website, with signs and site alike aimed at increasing awareness of a petition in support of the cause.

84% of Australian EBGames customers support the R18+ rating according to company polls, which was a key factor in the retailer’s decision to publicly join the fight:

“With the release of the Government’s discussion paper, we knew as a company that we needed to act on this issue as it continues to cripple our industry and cost local jobs. We did however want to be sure that our customers were as passionate about the matter as we are,” said EB Managing Director Steve Wilson. “This is not a call for violent video games, but rather a call for a better classification system that brings Australia in line with the rest of the world and other Australian entertainment industries, such as films.”

A multibillion dollar corporation is a powerful friend to have in a fight like this, to be certain – but will it be enough?

(Kotaku, via GamePolitics)

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