Eden Trial Guide
Submitted by Spinning Top

Mandatory class: Controller.

Your team can pick up the mission from Spirit of Woodsman, in Eden. He is located basically right at where the dot for the Hive neighborhood area is (the hive subsection of Eden, not The Hive zone).

First task is to kill 200 DE. This is easy as plenty of them are around this area.

Next, Spirit of Woodsman will ask you to free four heroes and destroy the Titan. A cave wall will then open up into the mountain. The maps for this Trial are pretty cool. After you take in the scenery, find the nearest hole and jump down. The holes are one way and eventually loop back to the beginning. Don’t worry, the drop points are safe. The ride down is also a lot of fun and good screen shot material.

Keep dropping until you come to a level filled with Boulders (the monster, not the rock). This area will also have the rib-cage of a long dead monster sticking out of the ground, which is another clue that you’ve got the right place. Straight ahead from this drop point is door number one.

Door Number One is a level 41 Archvillian, which is protected by ever-spawning Boulders. The door itself is easy…the trick, however, is to neutralize the spawns. As soon as the door is damaged the Boulders will drop Cairns. From what we could tell, the Cairns fully heal the door and give it 100% DR to all attacks.

This is why a controller is mandatory. The controller can lock down the spawns or, worst case, lock down the Cairn (once the Cairn is locked down, it will not protect the door). If the spawns are locked down they will stop popping and this will allow your group time to destroy the door.

When the door is at <25% a level 41 (Note: Level may vary depending on group) Monster, Quarry, will spawn on top of you. This monster is pretty strong and does a Footstomp that can hurt the squishies supporting the melee in the group. It is important for someone with taunt/provoke and lead the monster away from the door, engaging it while the rest of the team brings the door down. Once the door is down, the rest of the group can join in and kill Quarry.

The next section is the “Acid Pool Area” – the pools in this area will cause damage if you go into them. In front of your group, should be three bridges. The bridges should be filled to the brim with Greater Devourers and Mushrooms (Fungoids and the like). The Greater Devourers drop Ambrosia inspirations (looks like a purple grape). You should farm the Greater Devourers until you have six Ambrosia per melee and two per support staff – Trust me, you’ll need them later. The more the better depending on how much time you got left. We had this number after 45m and clearing two of the three bridges. Once you are done, move to Door Number Two.

Door Number Two is also a level 41 Monster. This door seemed to be easier than the first. BEFORE engaging the door, clear the approaching Devouring Earth snipers (these may be Lichens) or they will cause hell once you attack the door. When the lichens are dead, you are free to attack the door. As soon as you attack Mushrooms and Greater Devourers will spawn constantly. No tricks or special tactics needed here – Just deal with the spawns anyway you want (preferably as quickly as possible) and proceed to destroy the door.

Hang in there, heroes, you are now in the final stages of the trial. This next room will have three columns of water falling from the roof. The place will be packed to the brim with Quartz, Geodes and all the other Crystal based Devouring Earth. In the center, will be a platform and the Crystal Titan.

First things first – If you can stealth past the crystal enemy spawns, head over to the left and free the heroes. Once this is done, clear the room – every last one. You can even pull them to the NPC heroes who will help you (This can lead to some fun pulling for your tank). If you don’t clear the room, the crystals will help the Titan when you attack it. You don’t want this as there are literally hundreds of them.

Once the room is emptied, your group should be ready to take on the Titan. Have the team use an Ambrosia and charge. It’s a straight beat down fight with the Ambrosia on. Please note: Without the Ambrosia the Titan can Foot Stomp for 2k + (one shot kill everything).

Melees should stay engaged on the Titan and keep Ambrosia up at all times. Out of the 6 I had, I used 5. I probably could of gotten away with less but I am cautious by nature and had them overlap each other most of the fight.

We found out that the support people that could fly were immune to the Footstomp. They needed to stay more than half-way up his body to not be affected by it. If in doubt, however, pop an Ambrosia.

When you kill the Titan, normal Crystals will spawn. Once you clear them, the mission will complete. You should get a Titan Diamond Shard (make sure you have a free slot open to receive this) as a reward which affects two powers (like the Hydra Origin) and you should get a badge (If you don’t get a badge – we didn’t, for example – bug it).

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