Egosoft’s X Series Takes Over the Humble Weekly Sale


The Humble Weekly Sale has collected Egosoft’s entire X franchise into the biggest bundle of free-roaming space exploration the world has ever seen.

I can’t actually say as a matter of certainty that this is the biggest space exploration bundle the world has ever seen, but I’d be willing to bet on it. The X games are big – really big. Vast, even. And a little dense, too; I didn’t get into the series until X2: The Threat, and it was quite the experience in learning to handle obtuse menus and arcane systems. X3: Reunion softens things considerably but it’s still far from user friendly – although really, what do you expect from a sprawling simulation of a galaxy populated by multiple advanced, competing civilizations that allows you to do everything from engaging in petty piracy to building a massive trade empire?

The truth is that I’ve never made it very far in any of the X games I’ve played because I’m so easily distracted (and there’s so very much in them to distract me), but I love them anyway and so I can’t help but be impressed with the latest Humble Weekly Sale, which includes X: Beyond the Frontier, X-Tension, X2: The Threat and X3: Reunion plus the Bonus Package DLC, for any price you care to pay. Got a dollar? Then you, my friend, have access to a wealth of space exploration fun.

But if you have six dollars (or more) then even more fun awaits! Specifically X3: Terran Conflict, X3: Albion Prelude and the X Superbox Bonus Material, which includes artwork, music, videos, the 300-page X Universe encyclopedia and a whole bunch of other stuff. Soundtracks for X3: Albion Prelude and the upcoming X Rebirth are also included.

It is admittedly not for everyone, but if you think that roaming around in space doing whatever you want amidst gloriously-rendered planets, stars and ships of every shape and size sounds like a good time, then this is probably something you’ll want to check out. As always, the Humble Weekly Sale runs for one week and one week only, so if you want it, don’t dawdle.

Source: Humble Weekly Sale

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