Eidos Montreal has revealed the true face of Deus Ex: Human Defiance – a brand-new experience that doubles down on the triangles of Human revolution with squares.

Speculation about Deus Ex: Human Defiance has been running rampant since the title was trademarked at the end of February, but now the truth is out. In a video released earlier this afternoon, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Executive Game Director Jean-Francois Dugas and Production Designer Jonathan Jacques-Belletete announced that Human Defiance will take Adam Jensen to a whole new dimension: the second dimension.

Human Revolution brought about the cyber-Renaissance; Human Defiance marks the beginning of a Digital Golden Age,” Eidos Montreal wrote on the official Deus Ex website, thereby making it officially official. “Human Revolution was all about triangles. Now we’re doubling down, flipping one over and reveling at its brand new form: the square… the pixel. It’s a natural evolution!”

“After shipping Human Revolution, it was time to think about the future of the franchise: Where do we go, what do we do next, and how can we surprise you guys with something that you wouldn’t expect?” Dugas explains in the announcement trailer. “We were spinning our heads around various concepts, and at some point we were, ‘Hey, what if the answer to the future… lies in the past?‘”

One of the great things about the new style is that it frees up an awful lot of budget dollars, allowing the team to include numerous new settings that it couldn’t afford to include in Human Revolution. It’s also, as Belletete explains, a great opportunity to put all the pixels left over from the previous game to good use.

By now, some of you may have sussed out that this Human Defiance reveal isn’t entirely serious – it is April 1, after all, and shenanigans have been known to happen on this date. Even so, I think there are two points worth making here: First, while it’s not completely beyond the realm of possibility, it seems a bit far-fetched to me that Square Enix would go the trouble of actually filing a new Deus Ex trademark just to set up an April Fool’s joke – I don’t expect this is the last we’ll hear about it, in other words. And second, if Eidos (or anyone) actually did make an eight-bit, side-scrolling Deus Ex game, I’d play it in a heartbeat. I guess you could even say – yes, here it comes – I’m asking for it.

Source: Deus Ex

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