Electronic Arts is putting out a massive eight-disc Medal of Honor Soundtrack Collection which will feature music from all 12 games plus unreleased material.

Coming on March 1, the eight-disc boxed set will offer ten hours of Medal of Honor music, including the original scores from all 12 games in the series as well as previously unreleased material from composers Michael Giacchino, Christopher Lennertz and Ramin Djawadi. The set will also include a 40-page booklet with an introduction written by Steven Spielberg, the creator of the original game.

“It has been gratifying as a gamer just playing all the iterations of Medal of Honor to experience firsthand how lifelike the combat in Medal of Honor has evolved from the very first game I created in 1998,” Spielberg said. “A lot of developers cut their teeth on Medal of Honor and have become stars in their own right, which also could be said for finding the composers who make video games feel more and more like movies.”

Giacchino got his big break when Spielberg received a CD containing samples of his work and has since gone on to compose music for films like Ratatouille, Star Trek, Up and Captain America. “I thought his stuff was stunning and the orchestral arrangements were already on a par with some of Hollywood’s best working composers,” Spielberg continued. “So I did what anybody in their right mind would do. I found him an agent and signed him up to score Medal of Honor — and the rest of Giacchino’s history belongs to him.”

The Medal of Honor Soundtrack Collection is being released by La-La Land Records in partnership with EA. Pricing has not yet been announced.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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