Eldritch may look like a quirky Minecraft spin-off, but Creepers will be the least of your worries when a cosmic horror is feasting on your sanity.

Brace for lingo: Eldritch is an indie first-person roguelike action game with Lovecraftian themes and a minimalist Minecraft-esque look. Once you parse all that, you can’t deny that it fills a pretty unique niche. Stranger still, Eldritch doesn’t let its nightmarish enemies force it into the horror genre – between the playful graphical style and festive music you could easily forget that an unfathomable abomination might be lurking just around the next corner, ready to send you straight back to the title screen.

Eldritch comes from Minor Key Games, a two-man team of former AAA game developers who also happen to be twin brothers. Sick of the creative limitations of big-budget titles, they set out to create something new. Eldritch features classic roguelike mechanics like randomly-generated dungeons and permadeath, but is also inspired by games like Deus Ex that give players the freedom to choose how to approach any given obstacle.

A Steam Greenlight campaign for Eldritch is currently underway, and you can grab the game from the official website for $15 to get early access to the beta (and a Steam key later, if the Greenlight works out). The developers are shooting for an October 21 release for PC only.

Source: Minor Key Games

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