The popular space exploration game Elite Dangerous is making its way onto PS4 in Q2 of next year.

If you’re a PS4 owner who’s been wishing you could play Elite Dangerous, you can finally start the countdown. Frontier Games announced yesterday that the deep space exploration title will finally make its way onto Sony’s console in the second quarter of next year.

The PS4 version will include all the gameplay you’ve seen in the PC and Xbox One versions of the game. That means you can expect to be able to fight, explore, and trade your way across the galaxy by yourself or with friends. It will also pack in every game expansion that’s been released for the game so far, the complete Elite: Dangerous: Horizons season pass, and some new features exclusive to the PS4 version. Those include the ability to use the touchpad controls to navigate the galaxy map, four additional hotkey options, and optional motion-based headlook controls based on the Dualshock 4. Frontier also says that it will support enhanced performance for PS4 Pro owners.

Frontier CEO and Elite co-creator David Braben is quoted in the press release announcing the new version, saying, “We’re thrilled to bring Elite Dangerous to PlayStation 4. Elite Dangerous is unlike any other space game, with a rich multiplayer or single-player space, a true-to-life galaxy including our own entire night sky, real physics, unique ship handling characteristics and a player-driven narrative that’s really heating up. The galaxy has been stable for centuries, but all that is about to change. PlayStation 4 players will be joining our galaxy at a very exciting time.”

Elite Dangerous is landing on PS4 in Q2 of next year. Hopefully, we’ll have a more specific release date soon.

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