Energy Drink Ads KO EA Sports MMA in Denmark


Electronic Arts won’t be releasing the upcoming EA Sports MMA fighting game in Denmark, not because it’s too violent but because it’s too caffeinated.

High-caffeine “energy drinks” like Red Bull and Monster have been the subject of some debate over the years. Their stimulant effects are well-documented but their impact on long-term health is less clear, which has actually led to bans in countries including France and Denmark. The Danish ban has been lifted but, much like cigarettes in North America, there are still restrictions on advertising and that’s a bit of a problem for Electronic Arts and its upcoming MMA game.

EA Sports is driving for authenticity across the board with the new game, including with in-game advertising. Real MMA bouts feature ads for energy drinks and so will the videogame, and rather than compromise on that point to adhere to Danish law, the publisher has elected to simply not release the game in that region.

“We are adhering to laws in Denmark that restrict the use of energy drink product placement in-game, and therefore are not shipping EA SPORTS MMA in that region,” the company said in a statement. “Our game authentically recreates the sport of MMA in every facet, including energy drink in-game sponsorships on fighter shorts, gear, and in fight venues.”

Not that it’ll likely be much of a blow to the game’s sales. I have no idea how large the Danish MMA videogame fanbase is to start with, but I imagine it’s not big enough to have much of an impact on Peter Moore’s annual bonus check. And if people really want to play the game, they can just nip over to Lithuania or someplace and pick up a copy there. They’re practically right next to each other, after all. EA Sports MMA is scheduled for release on October 19 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: CVG

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