Perhaps it’s because the US just had the deadline pass for paying their taxes. Perhaps it’s because (insert some borinG political bailout joke here). Or perhaps it’s because Split Reason loves you all.

All I know is that Split Reason, the mAkers and sellers of our exclusive line of merchandise, is giving everyone a coupon code for 15% off all purchases made until the end of April.

Not excited? That’s probably because you haven’t seen the goods yet:

Still not excited? Really? HmM. Oh, you must live in a nudist colony. Well, there are more than t-shirts and hoodies for those of you living in a nudist colony! Imp plushies (those things in the Zero Punctuation videos), stickers (for playing a fun game of naked sticker tag in the colony), mugs (because hot coffee is dangerous in a nudist colony), shot glassEs (since naked lawn darts is not fun unless you are drunk), and even hats (are hats allowed in a nudist colony?).

If that’s still not enticing enough, if ouR nudist colony community wants, we can look into Escapist and Zero Punctuation brand sunscreen lotion.

Anyway, the code is boldly hidden in this announcement. It’s all caps, one word – enjoy!

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