Enjoy Classic Books as Novel Posters


These classic novels look so good, you’ll probably want to hang an entire library on your wall.

Finding the perfect poster to hang on your wall is no easy task, especially once you’ve left college and smutty beer ads are no longer considered appropriate for polite company. If you happen to be looking for something that is both elegant, clever, and lovely to look at (or you just happen to be a huge book nerd), you might want to consider picking up some wall art from Postertext.

The Canada-based group is taking public domain novels and turning them into silhouette posters that look surprisingly great. The attached image is for Alice in Wonderland. Other poster-ized novels include Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, and The Time Machine.

Most of the posters are priced for less than $35 Canadian. The group is also committed to adding new posters to its catalog every week. The next two posters are Little Women and Heart of Darkness.

Source: Postertext via io9

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