Enter Lionhead’s New Contest, Win Hot Fable Loot


Lionhead Studios is giving away a customized Xbox 360 console and an autographed copy of Fable II, and all you need to enter the draw is a Lionhead account and a willingness to click the “register” button.

Entry in the draw is automatic for anyone who registers at the community site, although a Windows Live ID is required to do so. Entrants must be at least 17 years of age and have until 11:59 pm GMT on June 12 to register for the draw. The contest is open to anyone except residents of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Quebec.

And what do you get for all this rule-reading and button-clicking? Nothing less than a shot at a custom Fable II branded Xbox 360 console and a copy of Fable II, both autographed by Lionhead honcho Peter Molyneux. That’s some pretty sweet loot for doing nothing more than clicking your mouse once. It’s so easy, even I signed up for it.

Interested? Of course you are, it’s a chance at free stuff. Fair warning, though: The draw is for an NTSC model so if you happen to live in a PAL region, this console “should only be used as a collector’s item.” (In other words, see you on eBay.) Throw your hat in the ring here.

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