Epic’s new Big Idea is a fortress-building, zombie-shooting action-strategy game called Fortnite.

Epic rolled out Fortnite at the Spike Video Game Awards this past weekend with a trailer and not much else. Cliff Bleszinski, Epic’s design director, said during the show that Epic wanted to “switching things up a little bit and do something different and fun” with Fortnite, describing it as “a world where you explore, you scavenge, you build and ultimate you survive.”

He was a little more forthcoming in an interview after the show, although he maintained that the studio isn’t prepared to get into detail right now. “Traditionally, we make shooters and shooting is in there, but it’s really not what the game is all about,” he said. “It’s really a game that is more about survival than anything else.” The game was pitched internally several months ago and came together “lightning fast,” he added, so at this point Epic is still “figuring out what to do with the lightning we have in a bottle.”

The Fortnite teaser has a definite Team Fortress 2 vibe and indicates that the game will involve fortress building by day and fortress defense by night. So there you go – what do you think? Platforms, release date and other such information isn’t even close to being announced, so don’t bother asking.

Source: Forbes

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