The Entertainment Software Association is joining with the Motion Picture Association to increase anti-piracy efforts in Malaysia.

The move is the first coordinated effort put together between the two agencies, and also represents the ESA’s first attempt at reducing piracy in Malaysia, where large-scale infringement of intellectual property rights is common. “The ESA focuses resources where we save U.S. jobs, enhance the value of the videogame industry and get results,” said ESA President Michael Gallagher. “Piracy penalizes investment and harms the ability of videogame companies to make great games. We are proud to partner with MPA on this program which will protect investment, innovation and job creation – as well as build a strong foundation for expanded trade with Malaysia.”

Representative Adam Schiff, co-chair of the Congressional International Anti-Piracy Caucus in the U.S., said, “I’m encouraged by this news and commend this joint enforcement effort. Malaysia has been a nation of concern with regard to international piracy for some time now, and this is exactly the type of private industry support and cooperation needed to crack down on this problem.”

The announcement came at the launch of Operation Games Attack, an effort by the Malaysian authorities to stem the tide of illegal game production and distribution. Along with these initiatives, ESA and MFACT, which represents the MPA in Malaysia, also anticipate increased coordination on anti-piracy training and other enforcement efforts.

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