ESA Hires Mike Gallagher as President


The Entertainment Software Association selects Mike Gallagher as its new president.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced that Michael D. Gallagher will be the organization’s new President, applicable near the end of the month. Gallagher will be replacing Doug Lowenstein, who resigned from his position late last year. Mr. Gallagher is currently the Communications Practice chair at business law firm Perkins Coie and previously served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy & Counselor to Secretary of Commerce Donald L. Evans.

Robbie Bach, Chairman of the ESA Board of Directors and President of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, commented on Michael’s hiring. “Mike’s outstanding technology, policy, and government relations experience makes him a strong fit for the ESA, where issues like intellectual property, self-regulation, and industry social and economic contributions are at the forefront of the agenda.”

Jerry Berman, president of the Center for Democracy and Technology, compliments Gallagher’s political experience. “Mike Gallagher is an experienced Washington hand – he understands the intersection of technology and policy and we look forward to working with him and the ESA to pursue our shared goals of keeping kids safe, empowering and educating parents, and protecting the First Amendment.”

“It is a privilege to represent the dynamic entertainment software industry. With over two-thirds of American heads of households playing video games, and the tremendous opportunities available to the industry on every device — from consoles and PCs to handhelds and broadband enabled cell phones — the business is poised for tremendous growth. I look forward to working with federal and state leaders to foster an environment where the industry and its consumers can thrive,” added Gallagher.

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