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Don’t let these Life Is Strange puzzles in Episode 5: Polarized keep Max from concluding her weird journey. Check below to learn how to escape the Diner’s bathroom, and how to solve the endless dorm hallway.

Life Is Strange gets even stranger in the final episode. Using her innate power to rewind time, Max uncovers the truth behind several mysteries that plaque their pacific northwest town. Answers are coming, but only if you can solve every bizarre puzzle. While not as involved as previous episodes, there are two particular challenges unprepared players might get stuck on. Learn how to escape your nightmares with the solutions below.

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Puzzle Solutions Guide

Keeping up the adventure game tradition, Life Is Strange features a few puzzles to solve. If you’re stuck and need a push in the right direction, than look no further.

Diner Bathroom Passcode

When Max is trapped in the strange Diner bathroom, you’ll need to find a four digit passcode to escape. There are numbers covering every surface, so which one is the right code?

  • 1. Look in the mirror. Only one set of numbers is reflected in the glass. Those numbers, for us they were ‘0311’, are all you need to escape.
  • 2. Don’t forget; the numbers appear backwards in the mirror. Re-arrange the numbers when inputting into the keypad.

Dormitory Hall Solution

Inside the endless Girls Dormitory hallway, every door leads straight back to the beginning of the path. To escape, you’ll need a key.

  • 1. When you first arrive, speak with Kate. She’s standing near her room. After the conversation, use any door to restart the sequence.
  • 2. Next, look on the table near the restroom down the hallway on the right. There’s a key here — pick it up. It’s for room ‘218’.
  • 3. Go through door ‘218’, then go through door ‘224’, then ‘221’, and finally ‘219’ to escape the dormitory.

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