Escapist Expo

With our gamer cred on the line, The Escapist will show down against Smosh Games.

Smosh Games, the team behind popular YouTube shows like Backseat Gaming, has announced that they will be in attendance at Escapist Expo on October 4, 5, and 6 right here in Durham, North Carolina. Smosh Games is like the comedic counterpart to The Escapist, sharing our love of all things videogames.

In addition to manning their booth and meeting fans, Smosh Games will be sitting on panels throughout the weekend. Check out their panels below, pick some that suit your tastes, and be sure to sit in on them for the full Smosh Games experience!

Friday 10:30am – How to Create an Online Cult

Friday 12:00pm – Cosplay 101: Breaking into Cosplay and Keeping the Dream Alive

Friday 1:30pm – The Rise of Streaming

Saturday 12:00pm – How to Start a Gaming Channel on YouTube

Sunday 12:00pm – Game of the Year

Sunday 3:00pm – Smosh Games Q&A

Sunday 4:30pm – Your Game Idea is Bollocks/Brilliant – Pitch It Anyway

Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye out for details on the Escapist vs Smosh Games showdown in the coming weeks! Of course, if you haven’t registered for Expo yet, now’s your chance. Stop on by, meet your favorite personalities from The Escapist and Smosh Games, and play lots of games.

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