Video game news 12/16/20: Cyberpunk 2077 launch cost its founders $1 billion in stock loss, Fortnite gets 120 FPS update, HBO Max on PS5 PlayStation 5 Terminator: Resistance

There’s never a dull moment in the video game industry, and today is proof of that. Recently, it was reported that Cyberpunk 2077′s poor reception cost its founders $1 billion, Fortnite got a new update to support 120 FPS, HBO Max has come to PlayStation 5, and more. Here’s the video game news you might’ve missed on Dec. 16, 2020.

Fortnite Gets 120 FPS Update, Along with New Mode Inspired by Among Us

This afternoon, Fortnite was updated to support 120 FPS on next-gen consoles. Just make sure you toggle the option on in the settings. It also just got a new, limited-time mode called The Spy Within, which is similar to Among Us — almost too similar. There are two Spies who go about trying to kill eight other players who are just trying to accomplish objectives, and players can only speak to each other during a meeting. Among Us has just exploded in popularity even more so thanks to winning multiple awards at The Game Awards 2020, and it seems Fortnite didn’t want Among Us to “steal” its thunder.

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Mortal Kombat Movie Hits Theaters in April 2021

Remember seeing movies in a theater? It was recently announced that the Mortal Kombat film will debut in theaters on April 16, 2021, following a production delay due to COVID-19. The film is being produced by Todd Garner and James Wan — the latter of whom is best known for his work with the Saw, Fast & Furious, and Aquaman films. It will have a large cast, and writer Greg Russo stated last year that it will be R-rated and contain Fatalities. The film will also release day and date on HBO Max, which is good since theaters might not be safe by April 2021.

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HBO Max Now Available on PS5

Speaking of HBO Max, the service has finally launched for PlayStation 5 systems and you can download it for free right now. The service was mysteriously absent when the PS5 first launched last month. Now you can prepare for all the fantastic films coming to HBO Max, like Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas Day 2020 and the aforementioned Mortal Kombat next year.

Terminator: Resistance Is Getting a PS5 Version Next Year

Here’s an announcement hardly anyone expected: Terminator: Resistance will be getting a PlayStation 5 enhancement on March 26, 2021. This comes by way of the game’s publisher Reef Entertainment on Twitter. The PS5 edition will feature graphical improvements, 4K resolution, 60 FPS, faster load times, and will be free to all who own the PlayStation 4 version.

Botched Cyberpunk 2077 Launch Reportedly Cost Its Founders Over $1 Billion

According to Bloomberg (via VGC), CD Projekt’s shares plummeted by over a third this past week, following the poor reception of Cyberpunk 2077. What this means is that the founders’ stake dropped by over $1 billion due to the game’s technical issues and the disappointing PR response that followed. CD Projekt advised consumers to contact digital storefronts to get their money back on the console versions of the game, but they have mostly been denied since digital stores typically don’t offer refunds. CDPR has stated that it will continue to fix the game over the course of the next couple months.

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