news you mightve missed 7/8/2020: The Sims Sparkd reality show, Microsoft Xbox Series X game upgrade free mandate, Volta-X beta PC GungHo, Resident Evil Village survey Ninja YouTube

News You Might’ve Missed on 7/8/20: Mandatory Free Xbox Series X Upgrades, The Sims Reality Show, RE Village Survey, & More

Today might not have been the busiest in terms of video game news, but there were a handful of interesting and exciting stories that have been making the rounds. Microsoft will reportedly encourage publishers to release free Xbox Series X game upgrades, Capcom put out a Resident Evil Village survey, Ninja streamed on YouTube, The Sims is getting a reality show for some reason, and Volta-X heads to PC. Here’s the video game news you might’ve missed on July 8, 2020.

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Microsoft Will Reportedly Disallow Publishers to Charge for Xbox Series X Game Upgrades

A recent report from VGC (corroborated by citing anonymous sources states Microsoft will disallow charging for Xbox Series X game upgrades. The company reportedly wants publishers to use the Smart Delivery program, or a separate system to allow players to have a ubiquitous experience across generations, without having to pay more. In essence, it means a user should be able to buy an Xbox One game and get the Xbox Series X version at no additional cost.

However, Microsoft is allowing some loopholes for this mandate. For instance, “cross-gen” bundles that offer the current- and next-gen versions of a game together, as seen with NBA 2K21, offer a workaround.

It’s possible, though maybe unlikely, that we’ll find out more about pricing during the Xbox Games Showcase slated for July 23.

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The Sims Is Getting a TV Show, But Not in the Way You’d Think

A new reality show called The Sims Spark’d is headed to TBS later this month, essentially melding The Sims 4 gameplay with something like Project Runway. In it, 12 contestants will compete to construct the most impressive home, Sim, and story, all built within the game itself. A panel of judges will decide the winner, who will be awarded a $100,000 prize. The show will fall under the Turner Sports ELeague umbrella, catering to an audience of gamers.

You can catch the show very soon, on July 17, via TBS.

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Mech Tactics Game Volta-X Is Heading to PC and Offers a Beta Later This Month

There really aren’t enough kaiju mech games are there? Luckily, a unique new one is headed to PC and Nintendo Switch from GungHo called Volta-X, offering a slew of customization options, a gorgeous art style, a full single-player campaign, and competitive battles against other players. Unlike in most mech games, you actually control the team inside the robot, and there is a robust base management simulation aspect as well.

Volta-X is planned to launch in full sometime this summer, but you can grab the limited-time beta via Steam on July 18 for $19.99. It seems to have a delightful cast of characters full of charm and personality, so this is definitely one to keep on your radar.

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Streamer Ninja Is Playing on YouTube

Following the announcement of Mixer’s closure, one of the most popular streamers, Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, has begun streaming on YouTube. Previously, Ninja had an exclusive deal with Mixer, but now that the platform is no more, the streamer seems to have found a new home, at least temporarily. You’ll recall he had a relationship with Twitch in the past, before he was swooped up by Mixer exclusively. It’s unclear if Ninja will permanently stick to YouTube or if he’s got other plans. For now, you can catch him streaming Fortnite on YouTube.

Capcom Releases Resident Evil Village Survey

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably excited for Capcom’s Resident Evil Village, a game that continues the story of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Interestingly, Capcom put out a survey today soliciting feedback from the fans. The questions range from asking about what fans are most excited about with the upcoming horror adventure to which factors are influencing them to buy it most. Some of the questions lean into the game’s marketing and perception, asking fans if they knew the game is called Resident Evil Village instead of Resident Evil 8. Whatever it’s called, we’re hoping for full PSVR integration just like with the last entry.

Check out the survey below:

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