Escapist User Groups Now Live


Hello Escapist Community!

Today we are implementing user groups at The Escapist; a system which will allow community users to form social groups around a particular topic in a way that forums do not directly support. What are these items you ask? Well, let me tell you!

· In user groups, the administrators of the group are the moderators

· Administrators can accept or deny members, along with giving people the boot if needed

· User groups will further discussion on specific conversations without off-topic interruptions

· Role playing user groups will now have the “Dice” function attached, along with reverse order posting for smoother RPing

· Within the group, a membership tab will show who else belongs to the group

We suggest our community members join multiple groups and get to deep thought, intellectual discussion…or some great RP! Currently we have a preset list of user groups for all to enjoy and will be adding more groups over the next couple of days. Our goal is open group creation to all users in the near future after proper testing has been done. To see the list of current groups; please look HERE.


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