EVE Online Player Monument Unveiled Today

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CCP has unveiled its planned monument aimed at immortalizing the EVE fanbase.

You may recall back in February when EVE Online developer CCP announced plans to erect a monument dedicated to the thousands of players who have helped to make the game the wholly unique beast that it is today. Well, as planned, the monument was unveiled today and as expected, it looks pretty danged spiffy.

Located in downtown Reykjavik, the monument was designed by sculptor Sigurour Guomundsson and features a base engraved with the name of every single active EVE Online subscriber who joined the game prior to March 1st. It also includes the names of players who have died in real life since the game’s launch. We’d make the effort of describing exactly how many names that is, it might be more useful to just show you. Thankfully, an enterprising Redditor by the name of Thorshamar has already visited the monument and taken some snapshots that do the job far better than words ever could.

The unveiling of the EVE monument was, of course, intentionally timed to coincide with the beginning of 2014’s EVE Fanfest which begins May 1st and runs until Saturday, May 3rd. With thousands of the game’s players flowing into the Reykjavik, we can only imagine the monument will be a source of attention as fans flock to spot their names among the multitudes included on the sculpture. We only hope, of course, that all these players competing to find themselves on the sculpture doesn’t devolve into violence. We normally wouldn’t worry but it wouldn’t be the first time a gathering of opposed EVE players had ended in mass destruction.

Update: Images from the unveiling

Source: Reddit

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