Eve Online Source Leaked

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The source code to MMOG Eve Online has been leaked on torrent networks.

Reports reveal that the source code to Eve Online has been leaked to torrent sites, starting with The Pirate Bay. CCP, EVE‘s studio, is allegedly seeding the torrent themselves in order to track down the IP addresses of users who download the code and banning their in-game accounts.

The hacker included a chat transcript with a CCP employee in the torrent along with the code. During the conversation, “Abuser” tries to coerce the developer, codename “Morpheus”, to divulge details on the company’s security practices.

A chunk of the chat says:

Abuser– Could you certainly say me what your programmers did to secure clientside from exploiting Eve?
Abuser– what’s certainly
Abuser– I don’t have anything against content makers – their ideas are good, really good
Abuser– I have full eve sourcecode, so you know what’s did, and what’s not;)
Abuser– From all security i saw – were ROLE permissions for logins with priviliges higher than usual player, and some minor things in relation to prevent some remote service calls (some with potentially bad payload)
Abuser– nothing else
Abuser– is that called “programmers working on security”?
[IA]Morpheus– Are you cruising for a job or something?
Abuser– Nah
Abuser– neither job, neither anything else
Abuser– you may think of in such direction
Abuser– Digging the situation to uncover the truth 🙂
Abuser– You may compare me to fox mulder from x-files series
Abuser– it’s the best description of why i do this
[IA]Morpheus– Ah, well, nice to meet you Mr Mulder.
Abuser– So… would you like to answer what AWESOME ccp programmers did in relation to client/server security (at least for client?)
[IA]Morpheus– No, we won’t respond to blackmail. If you think we don’t care or aren’t working on improving security you are sadly mistaken

CCP, a company that’s no stranger to conspiracies about their operations, has yet to comment on the incident. Instead, word is that they are strictly censoring their forums for any mention of the leak.

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