EVE: Rubicon Trailer Goes For Ghosts, With Explosive Results

Yeah, the Empire really doesn’t want you messing with those.

So this is what EVE’s “defining moment when the scales of intergalactic power will shift irrevocably to players” – according to CCP – looks like. Send your combat pilots and hackers out to seek glory, and uncover secret new data from Ghost Sites. Not that the Empire encourages this, of course. In fact, it’s dead set against it, which is one reason why your hacker had best be up to scratch. The consequences of getting it wrong can be steep, in EVE: Rubicon, CCP Games’ latest free EVE expansion.

The Ghost Site you see here is a hidden lab, rich in tech-secrets, and it’s your job to get in there before the timer – which starts as soon as you arrive – runs out. Crack four security systems to get in, and if you flub it, or run out of time, security forces turn up to ruin your day. Ah, but the rewards! Blueprints, all kinds of schematics that you can use to upgrade your own forces, plus the stuff you need to make them. Or sell ’em for ISK, whichever. Ahh, ISK; the lifeblood of the galaxy!

Rubicon‘s due November 19th, which really isn’t that far away.

Source: EVE Online

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