Ever Wondered What The Ninja Turtles Look Like On The Inside?

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Street artist Nychos will be selling limited edition prints of these Ninja Turtles anatomies.

If you’ve ever wondered what those eternally teenage Ninja Turtles look like without the half shell, street artist Nychos has you covered. The anatomies you see here are part of an exhibition being held right about now in San Francisco, so if by chance you happen to be in the Lower Haight over the next few weeks you might want to drop by the FIFTY24SF Gallery and take a good look at the originals.

Nychos is an Austrian graffiti artist and illustrator who opened a gallery in 2012 to showcase his own art and the work of his fellow urban artists, in what Nychos calls the Rabbit Eye movement. “It’s more like a project, a movement or a company,” he says, “What we would like to do is organize walls and exhibitions for other artists. This is what Austria really needs.”

If you want to see more of his work – his anatomy of a Vampire is my favorite – you should check out his website. He does sell limited print runs of his work and the Turtles are on his to-do; but if you want to know when that happens, you’d better keep an eye on him. There is no set date announced – after or during the art exhibition would be my bet – and these things seem to sell out pretty quickly, the Vampire being a case in point.

Source: Mashkulture

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