Everspace 2 release date story trailer April 2023

Developer Rockfish Games has revealed an Everspace 2 release date, promising to launch its long-in-development title out of early access on April 6, 2023. PC players will be able to download the sci-fi spaceship adventure’s full build on Steam, GOG, and the Microsoft store this spring. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S versions are planned to arrive sometime this summer.

Here to help highlight the single player RPG shooter’s ambitious story is a two-minute story trailer. It’s packed with more than enough content to set up the narrative for newcomers, but more importantly, the footage gives players a great look at starship gameplay across alien planets that are hot, cold, and cruel. Be sure to see how Everspace 2 is shaping in the video below.

Everspace 2 will send players on an awe-inspiring journey through war-torn star systems upon its release date. For more on the dangers of Everspace, you can read the short synopsis below:

Experience a thrilling sci-fi story following Adam, a clone pilot seeking his place in the universe. The events of his past tangle with clashing factions as the DMZ approaches a boiling point. Escape colonial capture, navigate the intrigues of local warlords, evade energy-maddened cultists, and fend off war-hungry aliens. Adam will need more than wits, luck, and skill to survive—gather a team of experts to achieve his payday and finally achieve his dream of escaping the DMZ. Meet old friends and new allies, each with their own stories to tell.

Look forward to Everspace 2 when it comes to PC this April. In the meantime, you can read our thoughts in our preview of the game from a couple years back. Amy Davidson came away impressed with the sequel, saying that it felt “extremely polished” despite its early access status back then.

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