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Rare has shared more details about Everwild, its colorful and mysterious Xbox Series X and PC game. The new information comes from a directors’ commentary video posted on the Rare YouTube channel, where Executive Producer Louise O’Connor and Art Director Ryan Stevenson gave commentary on the game’s July Xbox Games Showcase trailer. In addition to more information on what exactly Everwild is, the studio debuted some new concept art for fans to feast their eyes on.

One of the first details Rare revealed is that the player characters are called Eternals. If you couldn’t tell from what we’ve learned of Everwild since its 2019 reveal, Eternals share a special relationship with nature and the world around them and as such will work together with creatures with unique abilities to overcome certain tasks. Additionally, the game will see players protecting the environment from hazards, such as swarms of bugs feeding on plant life.

Rare also teases that the world of Everwild will be filled with plenty of surprises, citing the example of the frog or lizard-like creature that holds small fish in its mouth. With that, Stevenson says that the game features a “rich, dense world, with so many different environments and biomes, as we sometimes call them, to experience and explore.” As players explore, they’ll also come into contact with spirits, though O’Connor and Stevenson didn’t dive deeply into what role the spirits will play.

Rare has yet to give Everwild any sort of release window for Xbox Series X and PC.


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