The popular fighting game tournament started out using only arcade machines, then switched to the PS2 in 2004.

Evo is a fighting game tournament that is kind of a big deal in the gaming community. Hundreds of thousands of fans tune in, and big fighting game-related announcements are often made. Shoryuken, the lads behind the Evo tournament, have just announced the dates for 2014’s Evo, along with a change that is sure to be quite controversial. This year, Evo will take place on July 11-13 at the LVH Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and will be played with the Xbox 360 as the main platform, rather than PlayStation 3.

When EVO first started out, it was played almost exclusively on official arcade cabinets. The decision was made to switch to consoles in 2004 with the PlayStation 2, and since then, Sony’s machines held the spotlight at the tournament.

The change to Xbox 360 is sure to be controversial to some, and it’s unknown how this announcement will effect games that are currently exclusive to the PS3. The most likely reason for the change is the inconsistencies in performance the PS3 version of some games suffer, such as slowdowns in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 when there is a lot of activity on the screen, and the single-frame delay in the PS3 version of Street Fighter IV.

This year’s tournament saw Nintendo fans fight for Super Smash Bros. Melee‘s inclusion, and went on to break streaming records despite Nintendo actively trying to block the stream. The Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament saw the highest concurrent viewers, with over 140,000 fans tuning in to watch the livestream.

For more details, keep an eye on the official Evo website.

Source: Shoryuken

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