As the game’s crowdfunding campaign nears its end, the developer has uploaded some new character clips.

Ghost of a Tale is a small game where you play a little mouse on a quest in a medieval world populated by animals. The PC adventure game is being developed by Lionel Gallat, an ex-Dreamworks and Universal studios animator. It has raised just 24.176€ of its 45.000€ goal, and with just 9 days left in its IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, Gallat has uploaded some new videos showing off the kind of models and animations you can expect to see in the game.

Gallat describes the game as taking inspirations from movies such as Disney’s Robin Hood and Winnie the Pooh, as well as videogames such as Zelda and Ico. “My goal is to craft a small yet beautiful game with environments that look a bit like movie sets and characters that have a sense of stylization in their design, while retaining a certain simplicity and immediacy as far as gameplay is involved,” he says.

If this sounds interesting to you, you should hurry up and contribute to the campaign, as Gallat said in a YouTube comment that he would have to scrap the project if he failed to reach his crowdfunding goal. “I’ve been working on it full-time for more than a year, funding everything from my own pocket, so if I can’t get a modest budget I’ll have to pull the plug at some point.”

If you’re worried about his credentials, Gallat says that he has been working as a supervising animator in the movie industry for more than 15 years, first at Dreamworks on movies such as The Road to Eldorado, and SharkTale, and more recently as the animation director for Universal Studios’ Despicable Me and The Lorax. The game is a one-man-project at the moment, but Gallat is hopeful he can get some additional help if he can raise some extra money.

The game will play like an action-adventure game, with mechanics focusing on exploration, running and jumping around, reading journals, finding clues, discovering secrets and fighting melee/ranged combats. It is being built on the Unity engine, and promises to be completely DRM free for its Windows PC release.

Gallat is aiming for a release in first half of 2014, with a closed beta kicking off by December 2013 at the latest.

Source: IndieGoGo

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