Ex-King of Kong Going For Record At E3


Former Donkey Kong world record holder and King of Kong star Steve Wiebe will attempt to reclaim his spot at the top during this year’s E3 convention, and he’ll do it on live TV.

If you’ve only seen The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, you only know half the story. That documentary, which told the tale of average joe Steve Wiebe‘s attempt to win the Donkey Kong world record from mullet-headed devil incarnate Billy Mitchell, ended with Weibe scoring a record game and taking the title. What it didn’t show was what happened after the movie came out: Mitchell retook the record, and he did it in public.

Since then, Wiebe has publicly attempted to reclaim the record four times, each attempt unsuccessful. At this year’s E3, he’ll be trying again, this time with one major difference: he’ll be doing it on live TV. G4, which broadcasted The King of Kong last year, will be hosting the event and beaming it to cable subscribers all over the world. No pressure, Steve. No pressure.

Classic game scorekeeping organization Twin Galaxies will be on hand to make sure everything’s legit. The company’s even supplying G4 will a Donkey Kong machine that has “all the required factory default settings” (if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know this is a big deal to these people).

No word on whether that diabolical Billy Mitchell will be involved in the event in any way. If he does show up, though, you can bet he’ll be wearing another one of those hideous flag ties.

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