The Escapist exclusive gameplayer trailer Rubeki Games Lorns Lure Lorn's Lure

Exclusively at The Escapist Indie Showcase today, developer Rubeki showed off the gameplay trailer for Lorn’s Lure, a narrative-based first-person platformer with retro 3D graphics and a “climb anything” mechanic. And indeed, the trailer leaves absolutely no doubt as to what players will be doing in the game: running, jumping, swinging, and climbing up walls with two pickaxes.

There are no “parkour ledges” because your pickaxes will let you scurry up nearly any vertical wall face. Rubeki emphasizes that Lorn’s Lure will have a challenge, but it won’t be frustrating. You won’t have to worry about repeating long areas because of one bad jump, and you can play the game as slowly or fast as you would like.

Also, you play as an android, so that’s cool. Here’s what you can expect from the narrative of Lorne’s Lure:

Leaving his home colony while tracking a mysterious glitch, an android finds himself in the midst of a vast and dangerous structure, completely hidden from his people’s knowledge. Unable to go back, you must keep going to find out where he is being led… And why he left in the first place.

Lorn’s Lure will launch on PC via Steam and in 2022.

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