Extreme Makeover: (Steampunk) Home Edition


Individual steampunk items are pretty cool and everything, but what about an entire steampunk house?

Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum started a company restoring Victorian homes to their original glory a couple of years ago, which stood them in good stead when they were designing and building their very own steampunk house.

The house is filled from top to bottom with Victoriana, merged with modern technology, as all the best steampunk is, from the kitchen counters made from antique printers desks topped with quartz, to the wonderful mantelpiece/TV stand combo with the late 1800s fireplace insert hiding a DVD player.

The whole house looks amazing, and all the steampunk stuff looks functional as well as, well, awesome. For a very detailed tour of the house, with a lot of pictures, click here.

Source: The Steampunk Workshop.

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