Fable Fan Re-Imagines Series as 8-Bit Adventure Game

If you’ve ever wondered what the characters of Fable would look like if they’d been created in 1985, then today’s your lucky day.

Matthew Allen, a volunteer moderator on the Lionhead forums, has recreated characters and scenes from the Fable games through the lens of eighties adventure games. Not only that, but he’s set them to music and put the whole thing up online.

Allen said that a “volatile mixture” of booze, boredom, and easy access to basic art programs is what led to him creating the images. The video includes most of the major characters from the first three games, including permutations like the young Teresa from Fable 1 and the old Teresa from Fable 2 and 3, or the alive and dead Lady Grey from Fable 1 and 2 respectively. The scenes from the games all seem to come from Fable 3, although the shot of the hero flipping off a villager in Bowerstone Market could apply to most of the series.

The images are fun, but sadly, images are all they are. Allen makes it clear that this isn’t a game he’s working on, and that what he’s showing off is mock-ups, not screenshots. Of course, if he ever changes his mind, he’s made a good start already, with a load of sprites, a few environments, and even an appropriately retro theme song adapted from the games themselves.

Source: Joystiq

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