The Alignments have been chosen and a winner has been proclaimed

For those of you playing at home, you might remember that the alignment with the least number of entries is the one that the winner is selected from. Surprisingly, the least popular alignment is… evil!

Yeah, we were surprised too. I guess evil is just the vocal minority. If you’re curious, here’s the breakdown of the final alignments:

Alignment Votes
Good 1572
Neutral 1408
Evil 832

And the evilest one of all? The one that takes home all the booty? Please congratulate samsprinkle, our grand prize winning overlord. He’ll be receiving a copy of Fable II, an Xbox 360 Elite, and a Samsung 37″ 1080p HDTV! Just as soon as he gets back to us and confirms his contact information, that is.

We still have to go over the final results from our Fable II: What Would You Do? game. Tune in next week for a post containing all the details of how many Escapist readers stole the food from a hungry child, or made beggars fight for food.

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